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Special Thanksgiving Shipping Notice:

Based on UPS deliveries, the last day to place an order using regular shipping rates is up to 12 p.m. EST, Nov 24th. Orders placed between noon – Nov 24th & noon - Nov 25th can only ship by overnight rates. Don’t worry about shipping rates - order early as your dinner can arrive anytime in November and be re-frozen until Thanksgiving Day!

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Let us solve the dinner dilemma with a Cajun Meal Gift Plan for 5 days. These New Orleans style Meals On Line include entrees from our authentic Cajun menus. Let the good times roll! Visit our blog.

5 Day Cajun Meal Plan - Delicious Meals On Line

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Finding the right Food Gift (for others or yourself) has never been easier. Our 5 Day Cajun Meal Plan provides the best Meal Gift selections on the Web. Enjoy New Orleans cuisine throughout the week starting with salmon to Cajun style crab cakes. Our Cajun Meals On Line selections include center of the plate entrée, rich sauce and vegetable side dish.

Served With Sausage, Red Beans & Rice.
        Cajun Crab Cakes - View Details
        New Orleans Bourbon Pecan Salmon - View Details                     
        Salmon en Croute - View Details
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