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Food from the sea - my favorite entrée and my favorite topping for salads and omelets. You cannot go wrong with a gourmet food gift from this collection. My recommendation, the Cajun crab cakes. Delicious! Click here for ideas on serving seafood.

Seafood Gifts Online - Entrees For Two

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If you’re seeking a unique gourmet food gift, consider our delicious seafood entrées. Having GourmetStation seafood delivered in elegant, personalized gift packaging is a unique treat your recipient won’t soon forget. Giving and receiving GourmetStation cuisine is as Easy As 1...2...3! Click here to see for yourself.
ENTREES - (Select Two)
  Cajun Crab Cakes (OUT OF STOCK) - Premium crab cakes filled with lump crab meat, bread crumbs, milk, eggs & scallions then topped with secret Ya Ya sauce. Served with red beans, sausage & rice.
  Baked Salmon Tuscan Style - Succulent salmon drizzled with olive oil and ripe red sundried tomatoes then topped with creamy Alfredo sauce
  Hong Kong Salmon - Succulent seared salmon made as spicy as you like with signature Thai sweet red chilli pepper sauce. Served With Saffroned Jasmine Rice & Mango Chutney.
  Lemon Herb Salmon - Succulent seared salmon served with our lemon herb sauce, a creamy lemon butter sauce with special herbs. Served with creamy spinach & artichokes.
  New Orleans Bourbon Pecan Salmon - Pecan Crusted salmon steak served with a tangy golden barbeque sauce laced with a touch of Southern Comfort. Served With red beans, sausage & rice.
  Salmon En Croute (OUT OF STOCK) - Delicate puff pastry surrounds succulent salmon and creamy herb cheese with lemon herb sauce. Served with creamy spinach & artichokes.
  Tortellini with Shrimp in Lobster Sauce - Pasta pillows filled with 3 cheeses & bay shrimp smothered in white wine lobster sauce. Served with creamy spinach & artichokes.
  Clear Springs Trout - Delicious trout encrusted with crunchy pecans served with creamy white sauce. Served with whole roasted baby potatoes.
  Macadamia Mahi Mahi - Mahi Mahi encrusted with crunchy macadamia nuts & coconut then topped with creamy pineapple sauce. Served With Saffroned Jasmine Rice & Mango Chutney.
  Lemon Dill Salmon - Generous salmon fillet with beurre blanc dill sauce. Served with whole roasted baby potatoes.


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