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Give them a gift of gourmet soups from the land of the Cajuns The lobster and crab bisque is rich & creamy. Our soup gifts also include baguettes & cookies and are delivered to the entire US. Visit our blog.

Cajun Soup Gift Sampler
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Our Cajun soup is rich and complex; just like New Orleans. This Gourmet Gift includes creamy lobster and crab bisque along with 6 mini baguettes and 6 bake your own caramel cookies. The flavors from this Cajun favorite is authentic and inspired from long standing Louisiana recipes. Six 12 oz. individual servings are delivered in gift packaging along with bake your own cookies and baguettes. Giving and receiving GourmetStation cuisine is as Easy As 1...2...3! Click here to see for yourself.
  • 6 Lobster and Crab Bisque - Crab and lobster in a creamy base with a hint of white wine.

  • 6 Miniature Baguettes - Classical baguettes formed in small, long cylindrical loaves.

  • 6 Caramel Pecan "Bake Your Own" Cookies - Fill your kitchen with the aroma of fresh baked cookies. There is definitely magic created between crunchy pecans and caramel.

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