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Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association

February 2003

"Featured Member"

What's Gourment Station about and why should we love what your company offers?
We're all about good food! Who doesn't love an elegant gourmet dinner at home with minimum effort? Whether you give a Gourmet Feast-for-Two to someone else or treat yourself, you're bound to love us.

When you meet someone at a party what do you tell them you do for a living?
I tell them that GourmetStation is a food company and our dinners are a high end gifting solution.

Does your mother/family know what that means?
Yes. I was raised in Columbia, Tennessee, about 50 miles south of Nashville. In these small towns gifting food was and remains a cultural hallmark of small town living. Whether the food gift is for a celebration, get-well, sympathy, or Holiday, food gifts are the ticket. They are an expression of love and caring.

Websites are a dime a dozen these days but who's doing it right on the web?
We do not have a lot of competition on the web, but 1800flowers.com is adding more gourmet food, including dinners, each year. Jim McCain has a tremendous amount of vision as he was one of the first direct marketers to use the toll free system. He also had vision when he was one of the first on the web with CompuServe. His vision allowed him to get in the game early on and refine his site and marketing strategies as the web has developed.

What's your favorite Interactive marketing campaign?
Without a doubt - when Godiva.com gave away a European culinary vacation. Perfect alignment with their customer.

Let's talk trends...what do you think will be the next killer Interactive marketing strategy?
Flawless concept execution!

What's in your office or briefcase that would surprise us?
Food notes for our next menu development project (probably Cajun).

What message would you like to find in a fortune cookie?
That our first round of investor has finally closed and we can begin to aggressively market our great concept!

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