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Food For Thoughtful Gifts

November 16, 2006
By Julie Gordon

Take-Out Ecstasy
For those who love food but have no time to cook, GourmetStation offers a convenient and delicious meal delivery service. The $999 program gives two people three-course dinners one night a month for a year. Although it's delivered frozen, the food tastes nothing like typical TV dinners. The soups, fish and meat dishes, baguettes, sides, and desserts truly taste like they come from a top restaurant.

Food On The Door Step - GourmetStation Home Delivery Meals
After a long day at work, it's hard to come home and cook a meal to rival a restaurant's. For people who wish they could cook every evening, GourmetStation is the answer. Delivered right to the home frozen and packed, the meals don't taste like standard frozen dinners. They are truly gourmet, with incredible soups, baguettes, fish, and meat dishes. This package includes three-course dinners for two people, once a month, for a year.

Gordon is a reporter for BusinessWeek.com in New York.


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