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UpSellit in the NEWS!

December 2007

CAMARILLO, Calif., Dec 05, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- JWN | charts | news | PowerRating -- One of the biggest problems still plaguing ecommerce today is shopping cart abandonment, with 60 percent* of shoppers fleeing a site before they complete the checkout process. One company successfully tackling this problem is California-based UpSellit (www.upsellit.com) which has developed a virtual chat technology that initiates a chat session with shoppers in order to save a sale at the critical moment they leave a site. Using natural language parsing, UpSellit's SMARTagent engages with the shopper to determine the reason for the departure and offer them relevant incentives to complete the purchase. In the past 12 months, online retailers using UpSellit reported saving more than 500,000 sales, resulting in $38 million in revenue that would have otherwise been lost.

"In the brick and mortar shopping world, at places like Nordstrom and Borders, you rarely get out of a store empty handed without at least being asked by a sales associate if you need help finding and hopefully buying something. This proactive interaction is the critical piece that's been missing in ecommerce, and the one that UpSellit delivers," says Glenn Russell, co-founder and president of UpSellit. "By deploying UpSellit's SMARTagent virtual chat on a site, online retailers can now deliver a high level of personalized sales interaction either to save a sale or upsell the customer by asking the right questions and presenting offers such as: 'Are you interested in looking at the ski poles on sale today to go with your new skis?'"

The UpSellit SMARTagent Works On A Pay-For-Performance Basis

Only when the agent successfully saves a sale or upsells the customer does the retailer pay anything for the chat service. Because the chat agent is virtual, the personality and style can be completely customized by the retailer. Not only does the SMARTagent deliver customizable customer communication, but it's also completely reliable, delivering consistent messaging and interaction: UpSellit offers an infinitely scalable implementation in which one SMARTagent can simultaneously serve 10 to 10 million customers.

Currently in use by a broad range of clients, from small etailers to large financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies, UpSellit's SMARTagent technology works to address other issues besides shopping cart abandonment. The SMARTagent can deliver any form of instant, proactive customer communication at points of action predetermined by the site publisher. UpSellit provides its clients with verbatim logs from every chat that takes place on their sites, giving them valuable, direct insight into their customers' behavior and the overall customer experience of their site.

Following are examples of the UpSellit SMARTagent in action:

'Susan' Serves Up Sales to Retailer GourmetStation -- When GourmetStation, an online retailer that delivers gourmet dinners and other upscale food gifts, decided to implement UpSellit's virtual chat technology it was important both to increase sales and also offer a personalized chat experience that reflected the company's unique brand.

"Our virtual chat agent is named Susan. We designed her to embody all the best qualities of our employees. It is important that Susan is like our brand; elegant, sophisticated and helpful," said Donna Lynes-Miller, founder of GourmetStation. "In just five months, Susan has converted enough shoppers into customers to deliver a 10 percent increase in our sales. Our customers love her, and so do we."

First PREMIER Bank Credit Card Learns More About Customers While Gaining Sales -- The First PREMIER Bank Credit Card site launched UpSellit's SMARTagent technology last December to find out why some visitors abandon the application form. First PREMIER Bank engaged users in virtual chat sessions, asking specific questions in order to determine how it could improve the application process, ultimately gaining valuable customer experience feedback. After this initial success, First PREMIER Bank launched SMARTagent on one of their credit card sites and experienced a significant increase in application conversions. Based on the positive results, they implemented SMARTagent across all of their application websites.

*Marketing Sherpa, July 2007

About UpSellit (http://www.upsellit.com/)
Because chat sells: UpSellit is a performance-based ecommerce and emarketing solution utilizing proprietary virtual-chat technology to engage proactively and personally with customers at predetermined points of action, resulting in increased sales, additional promotional opportunities and greater customer satisfaction. Using natural language parsing and approved company messaging, UpSellit's virtual agent, called SMARTagent, takes on the personality of a company's top employee with the ability to interact simultaneously with 10 to 10 million customers. Headquartered in Camarillo, CA, UpSellit was founded in 2005 as a division of USI Technologies. For more information, visit www.upsellit.com.

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