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Metropolitan Mama

May 9, 2008

"A Mother's Day Brunch - Delivered to Your Door"


That’s the door and wouldn’t it be nice if it wasn’t just another door-to-door salesman? What if it were a gourmet “Taste of Tuscany” brunch for two?

You can start out your meal with a carefully prepared appetizer: Kalamata & Artichoke Tarts and Feta & Sundried Tomato in Phyllo Pastry. After that, you can savor the main dish: Chicken Saltimboca With Peppercorn Cream Sauce or Baked Salmon Tuscan Style With Alfredo Sauce, served with Tuscan vegetables. Don’t forget dessert…two slices of decadent Amaretto Cheesecake!

To complete the experience, you’ll also receive two rich and smooth cheery caramel truffles, two individually wrapped tea bags, a floating candle, and a Mother’s Day poem.

Sound like the perfect gift for your mom or a mom friend who could use a little extra TLC this month? Stop in at GourmetStation to place your order right now and you’ll receive free shipping and complimentary gift wrap.

Whether you’re celebrating Mother’s Day, an Anniversary, a Birthday, or a New Baby, keep GourmetStation in mind. They specialize in dinner gifts and food gifts delivered nationwide.

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April 27, 2008

"Dinner Delivered to Your Door - and I don’t mean Papa Johns!"

My very cool cousin Becky is a personal chef for a doctor in Canada (she used to work for a company called Sliced Tomatoes and you can watch her create Orange BC Wild Salmon with Cranberry Compote in this YouTube video). I don’t know all of the specifics, but she essentially preps and prepares all of the meals for he and his family. It must be nice for that doc and his brood - not having to worry about grocery shopping, meal-prepping, or clean-up.

Although I have to say that I actually kind of enjoy cooking, every once in awhile it would be nice if I had a personal chef to call upon or if dinner was delivered to my door - and not by Papa Johns (although pizza’s good too, don’t get me wrong).

This past weekend, that happened. A Parisian four course dinner for two from GourmetStation was delivered to our door complete with french baguettes, two soups, Chicken Montrachet and Lamb Shank (the main entrees), and Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake.

GourmetStation specializes in gourmet food gifts - dinner gifts, occasion dinners, dessert gifts, even a wine shop. The meals are “chef inspired” and delivered nationwide.

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday - or if you’re planning a simple night of romance - and you don’t want to fuss with menu planning, check out GourmetStation.

Notes from me - If you win or if you decide to buy a meal, you can choose between Americana, Parisian, Tuscan, Cajun, and Fusion. We tried the first three menus and Americana reigned supreme. Oh, and I would go with the 3-course dinner instead of the 4-course option because the soups are kind of blah. The entrees and desserts are the best part. Just my “two cents.”

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April 6, 2008

"Romantic Dinner In - and you don’t have to cook it!"

When my daughter was a newborn, we couldn’t bear to leave her to go out for a “date.” She was so small, so vulnerable, so sweet.

Plus, if you’ve ever been a breastfeeding mom, you know that it’s hard to get away because that means you have to pump (ugh!) and, even if you do, there’s always that crazy “timing dance” - when to pump, when to leave, what if your milk lets down out in public., etc. All those factors led my husband and I to have “dates” with our little one in tow for awhile.

Oftentimes, our favorite thing was just to relax at home and watch a movie, preferably with a delicious meal. The best times, of course, were when our baby would sleep for the entire movie!

When you’re tired and overwhelmed, it’s fabulous to be able to eat gourmet food that you don’t have to cook. That’s why GourmetStation is such a great option for new parents. You can read all about how GourmetStation works in my previous post, but essentially GS specializes in gourmet foods delivered to your door - fresh bread, succulent entrees, tasty sides, and rich desserts. The meals even come with a beverage and a candle.

Husbands, if your wife just gave birth or if it’s her birthday or your anniversary, you might want to consider a Romantic Dinner gift package.

Relaxing at home is a wonderful way to rekindle intimacy and to enjoy each other’s company. If you have older kids, perhaps you can drop them off at grandpa and grandma’s or at a friend’s house for the evening. There’s something special about being in your own house and in your own bed without crying and squealing and the pitter patter of little feet. For the most part, those are actually welcome sounds to this mama’s ears, but sometimes a little “couple time” is a welcome treat.

P.S. Stay tuned for your chance to win a GourmetStation meal delivered to your door in the coming month.

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March 10, 2008

"Great Gifts for New Moms: GourmetStation"

After childbirth, I remember receiving plenty of colorful gift bags decorated with pink bows and baby rattles and cartoon storks. Inside were tiny outfits and burp cloths and blankets. I appreciated each and every item and felt incredibly blessed, but I have to admit that the "gifts" that I remember being most thankful for were meals delivered by friends.

As a nursing mom, I was ravenous. But I was too tired and overwhelmed to cook. I could barely find time to brush my teeth or take a shower, let alone cook an entire meal. My husband was extraordinarily helpful during this time (he'd wake up to change Little Beauty's diapers and bring her to me to nurse and he was an expert at calming her), but he was exhausted too. Needless to say, food was a welcome gift. Especially healthy, home-cooked, "real" food.

My husband and I recently had the opportunity to try an "Americana" four-course dinner by GourmetStation, a company that specializes in "delicious gourmet food delivered with an upscale worldly spin." The meals, which are delivered nationwide, fall into five international categories: Americana, Cajun, Fusion, Parisian, and Tuscan.

Our meal came with a bread (Loaf Baguettes), 2 Soups (Rustic Beef Stew and New England Clam Chowder), 2 Entrees (Big Sky Beef Ribs and Clear Springs Trout), a Dessert (New York Cheesecake), and a Beverage (Earl Gray Tea).

The food was fresh, fabulous, and easy to prepare. It came in a big box and was packaged nicely with ice packs to prevent spoilage. We lit candles, heated the food, and sat down for a romantic evening at the dinner table (at least as romantic as it gets with an 18-month-old sitting at the table, giggling and babbling). :)

If you're a grandparent or an aunt or a friend of new parents...a GourmetStation meal would be a fantastic gift. You can gift the new parents in your life with a 4-course, 3-course, or simple gourmet meal for two. If you choose, you can do something extra special and go with the Congratulations dinner, which includes a Congrats card and white linen napkins. Better yet, you can purchase a monthly Dinner Club certificate that will allow the new parents to have a gourmet meal delivered to their door once-a-month for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or 12 months.

Stay tuned for detailed reviews of the other menus, plus your chance to win a GourmetStation meal of your own.

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