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Dinner of the Month Club Review: GourmetStation

By: Find Gift Clubs - Mary KayeBy: Megan

This week we enjoyed a wonderful gourmet Dinner of the Month Club selection from GourmetStation. Our 3-course, international dinner-for-two consisted of an appetizer, 2 entrees, and a dessert.

Summary of Review:

The presentation and quality were top-notch, from the packaging to the food itself. The meal was easy to prepare and yielded exceptional results. This would make a great gift for someone who likes to eat a nice meal, but does not have time to prepare and clean up (ie new parents, working couples, bachelors).

From the moment the package arrived, we knew we were in for first-class treatment. The packaging was impeccable! From the personalized message inside the box to the fully insulated lining with ice packs to keep the food cold, there was no question this was going to be a very special package. All items arrive perfectly in tact, appealing, and ready to go.

Our cuisine of choice was the Parisian Three Course Dinner. It consisted of the following items:
     - Appetizer: Phyllo & Portabello Puffs
     - Entree #1: Lemon Herb Salmon
     - Entree #2: Tortellini with Shrimp
     - Dessert: Raspberry Cheesecake

Everything was super-easy to prepare. The directions for each item were printed right on the package. Just remove the lid and pop into the oven for the specified time. That's it - no hassle whatsoever.

The handmade appetizers needed less time than the entrees. So we followed the suggestion on the instructions, and enjoyed our appetizers while the entrees were finishing.

For the main course, we enjoyed 2 different entrees:
     - Tortellini with Shrimp in Lobster Sauce and Creamy Spinach
     - Lemon Herb Salmon and Creamy Spinach

Both entrees were fabulous - definitely better than I could make myself at home (and without all of the mess). When I initailly saw the packages, I wasn't sure there would be enough food to fill us up. Boy, was I wrong! The servings were more than ample. Had to wait a litle while before we started on the tempting dessert...

Dessert was 2 slices of the best raspberry cheesecake I have ever had! It was rich and delicious. A perfect ending to a gourmet meal!

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