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Mary Kaye - Find Gift Clubs

This week we enjoyed a wonderful gourmet Dinner of the Month Club selection from GourmetStation. Our 3-course, international dinner-for-two consisted of an appetizer, 2 entrees, and a dessert.

Summary of Review:

The presentation and quality were top-notch, from the packaging to the food itself. The meal was easy to prepare and yielded exceptional results. This would make a great gift for someone who likes to eat a nice meal, but does not have time to prepare and clean up (ie new parents, working couples, bachelors).

From the moment the package arrived, we knew we were in for first-class treatment. The packaging was impeccable! From the personalized message inside the box to the fully insulated lining with ice packs to keep the food cold, there was no question this was going to be a very special package. All items arrive perfectly in tact, appealing, and ready to go.

Our cuisine of choice was the Parisian Three Course Dinner. It consisted of the following items:
     - Appetizer: Phyllo & Portabello Puffs
     - Entree #1: Lemon Herb Salmon
     - Entree #2: Tortellini with Shrimp
     - Dessert: Raspberry Cheesecake

Everything was super-easy to prepare. The directions for each item were printed right on the package. Just remove the lid and pop into the oven for the specified time. That's it - no hassle whatsoever.

The handmade appetizers needed less time than the entrees. So we followed the suggestion on the instructions, and enjoyed our appetizers while the entrees were finishing.

For the main course, we enjoyed 2 different entrees:
     - Tortellini with Shrimp in Lobster Sauce and Creamy Spinach
     - Lemon Herb Salmon and Creamy Spinach

Both entrees were fabulous - definitely better than I could make myself at home (and without all of the mess). When I initailly saw the packages, I wasn't sure there would be enough food to fill us up. Boy, was I wrong! The servings were more than ample. Had to wait a litle while before we started on the tempting dessert...

Dessert was 2 slices of the best raspberry cheesecake I have ever had! It was rich and delicious. A perfect ending to a gourmet meal!

To read the entire review and see pictures, click here.

Ken K. Longmont, CO

I wanted to pass on my thanks.

I purchased the Christmas Dinner for two for my Father, who absolutely enjoyed every bit of the meal you put together. My father lives far off in Florida and I wanted to make it a little easier for Christmas so he could relax and just enjoy the holiday without all the stress of cooking. Thank you for the fantastic job and all the hard work and care putting these meals together.

Happy Holidays and best wishes to all the staff at GourmetStation.

Best Regards,


Rachel H, Pittsburgh PA

Hi -- I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy the dinners you create. And how awesome the products are -- and not just the food. Last time we ordered a dinner, I saved the ice packs from the shipment. I had no idea that a week later, we would lose power in our house for 4 days (thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Ike). I didn't open the freezer for 2 days, but when I finally did, your ice packs had helped to keep everything around them completely frozen. I was able to move the frozen food to a friend's house and we lost very little food, given the duration of the power outage.

So I just wanted to say thank you!

Mrs. Williams

I placed an order with Jon, a few weeks ago and had it delivered to a friend and her kids. They didn't eat it until a week later. But, once they set down to enjoy the dinner it was all over. they had a great time tasting and trying to figure the seasonings and spices that were in each and every dish.

She told me the garlic sauce; was so amazing she only shared a teaspoon of it with her boys. Lol
So, I just wanted to say I will be placing more oders with you in the future. And, Please, you guys keep up the Great Work!!!!!

What An Amazing And Unique Gift To Give To Give To Anyone!!!!
I Will Pass Your Company Information On To Friends And Co-Workers.

Patricia D.

We received the Tuscan Four Course Dinner yesterday and truly enjoyed the menu. It was gourmet from the beginning bread and soup course through the Cappuccino cheesecake. We had the Italian wedding soup, seared salmon and chicken Mediterranean which was so delicious. I compliment everyone for your GREAT service. The person I spoke to on the phone was very courteous. I will recommend Gourmet Station to all our friends. Sincerely thanking you.

Donna -

After childbirth, I remember receiving plenty of colorful gift bags decorated with pink bows and baby rattles and cartoon storks. Inside were tiny outfits and burp cloths and blankets. I appreciated each and every item and felt incredibly blessed, but I have to admit that the "gifts" that I remember being most thankful for were meals delivered by friends.

As a nursing mom, I was ravenous. But I was too tired and overwhelmed to cook. I could barely find time to brush my teeth or take a shower, let alone cook an entire meal. My husband was extraordinarily helpful during this time (he'd wake up to change Little Beauty's diapers and bring her to me to nurse and he was an expert at calming her), but he was exhausted too. Needless to say, food was a welcome gift. Especially healthy, home-cooked, "real" food.

My husband and I recently had the opportunity to try an "Americana" four-course dinner by GourmetStation, a company that specializes in "delicious gourmet food delivered with an upscale worldly spin." The meals, which are delivered nationwide, fall into five international categories: Americana, Cajun, Fusion, Parisian, and Tuscan.

Our meal came with a bread (Loaf Baguettes), 2 Soups (Rustic Beef Stew and New England Clam Chowder), 2 Entrees (Big Sky Beef Ribs and Clear Springs Trout), a Dessert (New York Cheesecake), and a Beverage (Earl Gray Tea).

The food was fresh, fabulous, and easy to prepare. It came in a big box and was packaged nicely with ice packs to prevent spoilage. We lit candles, heated the food, and sat down for a romantic evening at the dinner table (at least as romantic as it gets with an 18-month-old sitting at the table, giggling and babbling). :)

If you're a grandparent or an aunt or a friend of new parents...a GourmetStation meal would be a fantastic gift . You can gift the new parents in your life with a 4-course, 3-course, or simple gourmet meal for two. If you choose, you can do something extra special and go with the Congratulations dinner, which includes a Congrats card and white linen napkins. Better yet, you can purchase a monthly Dinner Club certificate that will allow the new parents to have a gourmet meal delivered to their door once-a-month for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or 12 months.

Alison - Chattanooga, TN

I so enjoyed my special Valentine's Day dinner! Not only was the food delicious but I was served on fine china in our candlelit dining room by my husband which was a real treat. My not so domestic husband prepared and served the dinner all by himself- well, with the help of your detailed instructions. I especially liked the mushroom soup, which surprised me, I am not a big mushroom fan, but it was excellent. I had the chicken dish which was wonderful. The evening was a lovely gift- I did not have to cook, set the table or clean up! Thank you and Gourmet Station for making it a little easier for my husband to surprise me with a night off from kitchen duty. Oh, and I loved the poem! Thanks again.

Donna - Founder & Owner of

I know. There are people who don't always have the time to prepare a special meal for the special people in their lives. Sometimes people simply do not want to spend their time cooking on a special occasion. I know - I am in the restaurant business. And then, there are times when the special people in our lives simply cannot join us for dinner on a special day. What to do? Oh my, what to do?

I found an excellent way to provide something very special to my friends, relatives and business associates. Since I love quality food, I send gourmet food gifts. Here's what I did one Mother's Day when I could not cook for my Mother at home and she was unable to come for dinner at the restaurant. I sent her a four-course gourmet dinner! It was delivered right to her door! Everything she needed was enclosed in a beautiful, gift wrapped container - all the food, napkins and even a Mother's Day poem! My Mother spent most of her best years cooking for Dad and their four girls. She made a lot of great meals and now I had the opportunity to provide one for her. SHE LOVED IT!

The very finest, chef inspired, prepared gourmet meal was delivered to her door by mail. She so enjoyed it that I decided to do the same for other loved ones living too far away to visit on special days. One of my brothers-in-law and his family - for Christmas - received four different but equally delicious meals, including wine and dessert! He is hard to please, but pleased he was! That alone impressed me!

So my "secret" is called ...drum-roll, please - Each meal is easy to heat and plate, all within 30 minutes. The food gifts arrive beautifully Gift Wrapped. is a company that believes in quality food gifts and Service. Read the full review.

Kirk & Gretchen Stevens, La Habra, California
One of 10 winners from the GourmetStation / Woman's World Sweepstakes

NO NEED TO PUT ON MY APRON! Our wonderful dinner arrived cold, and ready to warm up. The two entrees were delicious and the creamed spinach was yummy! The bread rolls were crisp on the outside and soft and flavorfull. The amaretto almond cheesescake was so rich, we saved a piece for the next evening's dessert. Even the coffee was delicious! Thanks so much for the lovely dinner.

Patrick Sullivan, Washington, D.C.

Just a quick thanks. I stumbled upon your site last week and surprised my wife with the Romantic Tuscan 3-course last night. I expected a decent (if rubbery) pre-cooked meal that would get me more kudos for the thought than the actual product. But all three courses were delicious. The veggies were fresh, crunchy, and aromatic; the chicken tender and flavourful; and the ravioli stuffed with yuminess. The appetizers were complex in flavour yet accessible. Words fail me on the cheesecake. This was restaurant-quality food in taste, freshness, and preparation. We're knocked out. The candle, instructions and napkins were an adorable finishing touch. I'd rather order here than go to most nice local restaurants. You have a great concept, better product, and the intangibles to drive sales.

I've told a large number of people about my adventure; they're awaiting my review. Glad I have superlative news for them. Take care and many thanks for a perfect evening.

C. Clay at Beckley, WV

I ordered a meal from your company last week, the four course Tuscan dinner. It was delivered and I received a call of delight from the individuals that received the meal. They raved about how delicious it was and what a wonderful gift idea it was. Thank you for the quality food you prepared and delivered. I will be a returning customer in the future.

Leroy & Marguerite Howard, Bellaire, Texas

We introduced our dinner of the month offering about a year ago and have been delighted at how many people have purchased the program for a dinner gift to be enjoyed throughout the year.

The stories behind these purchases are amazing and with the permission of our patrons, we are pleased to share one story with you. Meet Leroy & Marguerite Howard from Bellaire, Texas. We are privileged to talk monthly to those patrons that choose to order via phone and we knew when we spoke the first time with Marguerite (nicknamed Pete) that we would have a delightful monthly experience discussing cuisine in general and the GourmetStation menus.

Let's back up the story for a minute to how Leroy & Marguerite received a 12 month Dinner of the Month gift. Marguerite shared with us that their son was looking for a unique gift while she & her husband were stationery. Travel was one of their passions, but health issues had kept them at home more these days. What could be better than having an international gourmet dinner for two delivered right to their door every month for a year!

So far Leroy & Marguerite have enjoyed seven of their twelve dinners. They' ve taken a figurative trot around the world at home by sampling four course dinners for two from the Parisian, Tuscan, Cajun & Fusion menu lines. Marguerite said that since they were unable to travel as much lately, the gourmet dinner experiences from GourmetStation gave them a way to travel through food. "Food tastes different from place to place," said Marguerite, "and the dinners allow us to travel through food and still stay at home."

Marguerite said that she & Leroy are usually able to get four meals from each dinner for two and she really enjoys not having to cook for a couple of days. In addition to travel, Marguerite enjoys gardening and baking. We were a little nervous about our desserts passing Marguerite's test from an experienced baker's perspective. So far it looks like we're passing the test. Thank you Leroy & Marguerite for being such fantastic patrons and for granting this interview!

George Thomas, Brandon, FL.

Christmas Dinner

Just wanted to thank you for the incredible Parisian dinner we had Christmas evening. For years we had ordered and obtained a gourmet meal from Balducci’s. Since the demise of that company’s mail order/internet service we had been without any worthy replacement (that is until now). Since my wife had desperately missed the quiet dinners we shared before, I took it upon myself to surf the net looking for anything that would even come close to our Balducci’s experiences. I just happened upon your website. At first it was hard to believe. My wife was very hesitant (we had lost $100 in the fall and break down of the Balducci mail out services).

None the less, we decided to give it a try. The ordering was easy and to the point. I set up a delivery date a bit earlier than I would have normally wished in order to allow a potential day or two safety buffer in case the order was messed up (which it was not). You’re shipper’s tracking service alerted us as soon as the order was left for delivery and we were notified every step of the way. It arrived as advertised.

Now for the meal itself; WOW what an incredible meal. Easy to prepare, and easy to serve. The bread and soups were incredible as were the entrees. The coffee at first looked awfully strong, but turned out to be as smooth as silk. The cheesecake was to die for.

Thank you for making this a wonderful Christmas. My wife was purring with delight thought out the entire evening.

You are now going to be our new Christmas Dinner tradition.

Ira Jackson, Atlanta, GA.

Bravo to your Value Proposition - You delivered on the promise!

Amidst the hectic, often tragic, but still wonderful world we live in; I found myself wanting this valentines day to be extra special. Special, for no other reason than I wanted to take advantage of the moment to let my lovely wife and two incredible daughters know how very much they mean to me. So it was that I sent a chauffeured limousine to pick my wife up after a busy day; and then my daughters from school. From Girl Scouts, to gymnastics, to a leisurely drive around the city, they arrived home, where I greeted them in my tuxedo with roses in hand. As they entered the immaculately cleaned house (if I must say so myself) they were greeted with the wonderful sounds of music, and delightful aromas of mushroom and sherry soup; tomato basil soup; chicken Normandy w/beurre blanc sauce and lamb shank with rosemary mint sauce.

I knew the night would be one to remember when my youngest bound upstairs, to return in her favorite dress. My oldest and Wife followed suit and amidst the candle lights and dancing, a treasured memory was made.

I am no cook. I am habitually time starved. Patience is a virtue I continue to seek. And, so it is that I tip my proverbial cap to you and your team at Gourmet Station. You made it easy. Thanks for making me look good; and for making the most important ladies in my life feel as special they are.

Jennifer, Canton, GA

I just wanted to highly compliment you on not only the level of service you provided, but also the quality of the food that was delivered. This was my first experience using your company, and I was extremely impressed by everything. Initially, I had a problem ordering online. So, being that I wanted delivery less than 48 hours later, on Valentine’s weekend, I sent an urgent email detailing the problem and asking someone to contact me for my order. We all know how those customer service emails never know how often they are checked, or how seriously they are taken.

Obviously very seriously. I had someone contacting me first thing in the morning, at the number I provided in my email. They indicated that the timing was ok...they could still deliver the NEXT DAY, on VALENTINE’s DAY (very impressive). When I asked him on the timing it would arrive he said, hopefully by noon.

The food arrived 2 hours earlier than the man estimated the next day, another bonus!

And the quality of the food was amazing. Everything was wonderful...and the directions were made for the “Dummy” series of books!

I want to thank you for not only a wonderful dinner, but a wonderful experience with your company. I will be ordering from you in the future after this pleasant experience.

S. Walden, Atlanta, GA

My experiences with have been great! I have given these dinners as gifts and had them myself. Everyone I have given them to has been thrilled with them and now they are giving them as gifts also. Everyone at has been very helpful and extremely friendly. This is a very unique service and it's so easy.

M. Stine, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for such a fine dining experience. I arrived home from work on Tuesday and the concierge in our high rise had the package waiting for me.
Everything worked fine, the time on the heating instructions was perfect and everything came out great. The Salmon was excellent!!!!!!!! Flaky fish done to perfection and the pastry shell came out as well-not the least bit doughy or soggy. (You guys know what you are doing).

L. Starr, Flint, MI


I must tell you that we really enjoyed the dinner. About 2 weeks ago, I had ordered a dinner for 2 from Hawaii, a small Luau so to say, and to be honest, there was no comparison. Yours won by a landslide! Even though they had some small extra's you could order along with the dinner, like a table cloth, place Mats and even the necklaces, the food itself was what counted.

I look forward to seeing what you have to offer in the future and thank you for the quality service, as Well as outstanding food.

D. Johnson, Connelly Springs, NC

Our Gourmet Station experience was rather exciting. We sent two of the Parisian dinners to a family member and good friends for Christmas gifts. The both live in very frigid parts of the country. We wondered if they would actually get there at all. We checked the tracking online and knew right away they had arrived. We waited patiently to how our gift had gone over and were pleased to get rave reviews from both.

We couldn't take the suspense and decided we would order our own for New Years. It was a treat we will never forget. The flavor and freshness of everything was perfect. The easy heating instructions were a breeze. We live in the woods of western North Carolina and would have to travel many miles and pay a heavy price for such a fabulous meal!

Thank you Gourmet Station.

L. Van Riper, Stamford, CT

Our Gourmet Station meals arrived to my office fresh and fabulous. I was so proud of the packaging and presentation of the meals that I marched them around to everyone in the office! Then, when I took them home, my husband and I dined on the most special meal we had in months - it was so delicious and took such little effort to complete. Just a few minutes in the oven and the good china, and we were all set to enjoy a romantic, delicious dinner with one another.

I would recommend Gourmet Station dinners to people who want an everyday indulgence that's easy and SO rewarding to serve, to people who want to impress their dates by serving a special meal "at home", to friends of parents with a new baby, and to the bosses of busy office colleagues who have put in extra effort on a project and need a unique reward.

Finally, I would think that Gourmet Station would be very appealing to those practical singles who want to indulge themselves with two days of fabulous food - the soups and dinners are like having two days of world-class gourmet lunches and dinners. Heck, it's cheaper than going out to a lunch and dinner two days in a row! And you get to enjoy 4-star restaurant quality dinners in the comfort of your own home!

T. Childs, St. Simons Island, GA

The feast was for my in-laws and they LOVED it. They have not been able to say enough about the packaging and the food. My husband and I were not home when they received the package and according to our caller ID, my mother-in-law had called about 3 times within 10 minutes. She finally left a message saying that she couldn't believe what a great gift we had sent.

I read about your business in Southern Living Magazine and my husband and I can't wait to enjoy one our selves.

Thank you for making our gift to them unforgettable.

L. Adkins, Newton, GA

Your dinner did arrive on time! It was my wifes 52nd birthday and she was absolutely thrilled. We live in a remote area and to have a gourmet dinner delivered to our house is indeed a rare treat. Thanks for making me a hero.

J. & P. Thomas, Fort Walton Beach, FL

Hi there - My husband and I ordered two of the Parisian dinners to be delivered as a house warming gift to our twenty something son and three housemates in Atlanta. The anticipation on our part and his helped escalate the event to new heights. When it finally arrived yesterday afternoon, he even abandoned his nightly gym routine to get it home. They called us while having coffee and savoring the last dessert. Everyone was satiated beyond belief. Their only complaint was that they had not bought enough wine to extend the dining experience over another hour or so. Our own appetite has definitely been whetted.

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