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"Bacchus we thank who gave us wine
Which warms the blood within our veins;
That nectar is itself divine.
The man who drinks not, yet attains
By godly grace to human rank
Would be an angel if he drank."

Pierre Motin
French drinking song

Who defines a good wine? You do - it's all up to you. What defines a good wine? Many times it's the company and surroundings that make the experience. In the end it is all about fellowship and pleasing the senses. We hope you find this wine guide helpful. For more on wine, visit our blog posts by wine consultant, Susan Anderson, on Delicious Destinations.

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Color - Color varies due to age, grape variety, and whether or not the wine has been aged in wood. Below is a general guide to color variation in white and red wine.

White Wine - yellow-green, straw-yellow, yellow-gold, yellow-brown, brown.

Red Wine - purple, ruby, red, red-brown, brown

Swirl - Swirling is really kind of fun and it also has a functional use. It aerates the wine producing a more robust smell.

Smell - Ah, smell is seen by many as the most important part of tasting wine. Did you know we only taste sweet, sour, bitter and salt, but we can smell over two thousand scents? After swirling try smelling several times. Wine possesses two hundred distinctive scents and it’s fun to "name that scent."

Taste - We can only taste three of the four taste sensations in wine. High alcohol and high tannin create bitter. Sugar left after fermentation creates sweet. And acidity in wine creates sour or tart. None of these three taste sensations are objectionable if they are in balance.

WHITE WINE PAIRING (Grape Varieties: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling)

Champagne & Sparkling Wines - Serve with any appetizers, fish, & creamy desserts.

Riesling - Serve with salads including fruit salads, chicken, pork, fish, shellfish, mild and soft cheese, fruity desserts.

Chardonnay - Serve with salads including Caesar salad, poultry, ham, and seafood including smoked seafood, shellfish, pasta, and mild cheese.

Sauvignon Blanc - Serve with appetizers, chicken, ham, poached or grilled fish, pasta preferably with a tomato sauce, strong cheeses like blue cheese, and desserts (especially desserts using pears).

RED WINE PAIRING (Grape Varieties: Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon)

Pinot Noir - Serve with chicken or turkey, roast beef, pork, lamb shank, game such as pheasant, duck, fish – especially salmon, soft cheese and desserts including ones topped with nuts.

Cabernet Sauvignon - Serve with spicy chicken, red meat in general, pork sausage, lamb chops, duck, strong cheese such as gouda, chocolate desserts.

Merlot - Serve with braised or roasted poultry, meat based casseroles, lamb chops, venison, lasagna, aged cheese.

Zinfandel - Serve with roasted chicken, spicy stews and chili, lamb, pasta especially with spicy tomato base, gourmet pizza.

Shiraz - Served with poultry, spicy stews and chili, lamb, goose, ravioli.

Port - Serve chocolate desserts.

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